JANET GOMES  (Founder)


I have completed Bachelor's of Art and also Early Childhood care Course. I have always been teaching others as a kid and so continued my career in the field that suited me best. Life was a hard journey but the hard way is the best way to learn and grow into a beautiful person you want to be. It was my passion then became my profession and now a dream come true. my mother is a great example for me. Live your dream and make it happen now or its never. I strongly believe in love. Love can work miracles. So follow your heart and it will make you strong and let you live your dreams. Like Mr. Mahatma Gandhi said " you must be the change you want to see in the world".

Yuliya Horyachok (ASSISTANT TEACHER)

Graduated from Chernivtsi National University (Ukraine), department of foreign languages, where she obtained a bachelor degree of science in philology, which gives ability to both teach and translate.
Has already been giving private English lessons to kids and teenagers for about 2 years in Ukraine, and now continues with teaching in Milan. 

Giuseppina Guerrero

I studied to stay in  connect with children and help disabled children to grow .I love to create an environment of friendship .I like learning languages and speaking English so that's why I decide to join with fly with English for better opportunity.

Alejandra Landaverde

I study human sciences , I have experience in helping children with their homework after school and with tutoring private lessons. I love learning new lenguages: that's why I joined fly with English to create an intercultural family together.

Fly with English Offers:

  • We offer your children a well-established education over time.

  • At Fly with English center, your child will approach the English language through our qualified teachers

  • Our Methodology :Through a natural relationship with children, they learn to understand and communicate in english through various activities that include songs, rhymes, fairy tales ,games of creativity and imagination.

  • Able to offer personalized attention to each child.

  • Encourage natural curiosity for children in learning.


  • Art and craft

  • kids lessons

  • Conversation classes

  • Preparation for Cambridge examination.

  • Birthday celebrations.

Early Learning | Age 3 - 5


Children love colourful things. As they are the future of tomorrow , we need to teach them and keep adding colours in their life. 


Movement of the body is very important for children's growth. They need to play everyday. The body needs food and aswell some moving activities to be healthier

Bunnies Class (Classe)

Bunnies Class (Classe)

2-3 Years 2-3 Anni

Puppies Class (Classe)

Puppies Class (Classe)

4 Years 4 Anni

Ponies Class (Classe)

Ponies Class (Classe)

7-9 Years 7-9 Anni

Bear Class (Classe)

Bear Class (Classe)

10-12 Years 10-12 Anni

Tiger Class (Classe)

Tiger Class (Classe)

13-15 Years 13-15 Anni

Lion Class (Classe)

Lion Class (Classe)

16-18 Years 16-18 Anni

Giraffe Class (Classe)

Giraffe Class (Classe)

Above 19 Years Da 19 anni in su

Our collaborations


  • Pearson Italia

  • Dot design sesto

  • Elefototecnico

  • Denia

  • Unicef


  • Be Happy : Events Organization and Private Party

  • Pearson : The global leader of publishing house for education

  • Go Trip'n : Trip Organizer

  • ElioFotoTecnica : Printing Centre


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Googleduo +91 8828189487 (lezione online)​

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